Quick Option Mini wedding on our deck (Alternative to Home Affairs)

This is a much more dignified alternative to getting married in court (at Home Affairs) and takes place at my office or on my deck (weather permitting)in Ballito (View gallery here). For the couple who want a quick, inexpensive marriage with a short yet special ceremony, but don't want the indignity of being married at Home Affairs. This includes vows, ring exchanges and a relaxed ceremony with 6 guests attending. Duration approx 20 minutes.  You have the option of including a Scottish Piper for an additional fee.  Call 079 887 0236  or request a quotation here.

Mini weddings at Kingsley House House

Packages are also available at Kingsley House in Ballito - a stunning, show-stopper  venue that can accommodate from 2 to 80 guests and packages can be completely tailor-made to include drinks/snacks/meals etc, making your no-fuss marriage truly memorable and saving you a fortune in money at the same time. Includes a standard, non personalised ceremony of around 15 minutes duration with standard vows & ring exchanges.  More here

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Classic Weddings

The Classic wedding is a more traditional type wedding. In modern days couples have opted more and more to have their classic weddings at wedding venues instead of in churches.  I have married couples on Game Farms,  beaches, in barns,  forests, you name it!  I offer the legal-only option, the full ceremony option as well as the non-legal for couples who elect to get legally married overseas and still have a ‘wedding’ in SA. View the gallery here

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Private Weddings

A wedding in the comfort of your own home. Either with or without a small ceremony. Many couples choose this intimate wedding style today.  I offer the legal-only option or a full ceremony option.

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Quick Legal Registration Only

You don’t need a wedding ceremony to be legally married in South Africa. Or perhaps you have already had your traditional wedding but not yet concluded the legal registration. I offer quick registrations at my office or alternatively if you are being married by someone who is not registered with the department of Home Affairs I can travel to your wedding and take care of the registration during the ceremony.  This option offers no ceremony, ring exchanges, vows or other extras - strictly limited to declarations and signing of register, all concluded in less than 10 minutes.  

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My various wedding services include, but are not limited to, the following:

If you don’t see an option you like here, talk to us - I tailor-make all of my services to suit my client’s needs.