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Funeral /Memorial / Farewell Ceremonies conducted with dignity, simplicity and compassion

If you are faced with a decision to create a farewell ceremony for a loved one, let me assist you in planning the funeral or memorial ceremony.  I can help you to create the farewell service that reflects the feelings and beliefs of your departed loved one.  I offer various options tailor made to suit individual needs and pride ourselves on provifing honest and relevant advice to our clients.

With the help of your family and friends, I will carefully script a tribute of the character and life of your dearly departed.  This tribute will be a celebration of his/her life and your emotions towards your loved one.  Each funeral/memorial ceremony is unique to capture the very essence of his/her lasting spirit.  

Saying farewell to the flesh is just the beginning of saying goodbye.  Releasing his/her soul will be your way of letting go and this will make the journey of your dearly departed easier.  A customized service can be  nondenominational, interfaith, or civil.

My service includes:

The key part of the preparation for the ceremony is to meet with  you to gain a complete understanding of what you want.  There are no rules.  I will make suggestions that build on what you want to help you achieve your aims.  

A typical ceremony might look like this:

    Music to enter

    Welcome and words of comfort

    A reading

    The Tribute

    Music for reflection

    The Committal and words of farewell

    Closing words

    Music to exit

If you’d like our assistance to help create a fitting farewell for a loved one, contact me on our Contact page.

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