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Marriage Officers of choice creating and conducting masterpiece ceremonies for memories that last a lifetime.

Your Ceremony

I offer several types of ceremonies, such as: Spiritual, Religious, Non-Religious, Non Denominational as well as Unity Ceremonies. Your choice is your own decision and I will totally adhere to your wishes.

The actual delivery of the ceremony is most important. I believe the role of an Officiant is not only to write emotional and meaningful words, but also to captivate the guests with the love story that is being told.  I endeavor to draw on all the emotions, from tears to laughter.

The day of your Civil Union is unique, and who you choose to perform your  ceremony is the most important part of your entire plans; I know that you want that day to be unforgettable and I take pride on providing a service that will meet your expectations.  I offer uniquely customized or traditional ceremonies.  

I Will Provide:

A personalized and hand-crafted ceremony that will incorporate all the elements you request. You will receive a selection of vows to choose from, or I can help you create your own. Alternatively, you can write your own vows without my involvement. I will provide you both with personal guidance to ensure your wedding will be delivered in a warm, relaxed and sincere manner. As your wedding is the most important day of your life, your ceremony deserves to reflect your love for each other and your shared dreams and hopes for the future.  I offer all of the following services :

My Service includes

Home Affairs Alternative Budget Civil Union Special  - by appointment only

For the couple who want a short, meaningful ceremony with just a handful of guests.  I refer to this as the “Home Affairs Alternative package” since that’s just what it is - a pleasant alternative to getting married at Home Affairs. Available only in my office, or, subject to weather, on my deck with stunning views in Ballito with a MAXIMUM of 6 guests, two of which should act as legal witnesses – strictly by prior arrangement. Casual, relaxed, no long drawn-out ceremony.  Just the basics.  The entire process takes no more than 15 minutes, although I truly do go out of my way to make it special.  A minimum to three working days notice is required when booking.  

This service includes the following services whereby I:

Optional Extra’s:

According to SA Home Affairs the following is required for Registration purposes:

a)    If both parties are South African citizens:

b)    If one or both of you is a foreign national:

It is ESSENTIAL to have copies of all documents if not before the day of the wedding then BEFORE the ceremony begins on the day. PLEASE NOTE THAT I WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO REGISTER YOUR MARRIAGE WITHOUT THE ABOVE ATTACHMENTS.  Should the documents not be presented to the Officiant the ceremony will still proceed, but your marriage will NOT be legally registered, nor will you receive a Marriage Certificate.


Documents required to conclude a Civil Union

Important Notice To All  SA Citizens Marrying a Foreign National:

According to legislation ALL such couples marrying in South Africa MUST secure an appointment for an interview with an Immigration Officer in South Africa BEFORE the marriage takes place.  Both prospective spouses must be interviewed.  Only upon receipt of a declaration letter from the Immigration Officer can I go ahead with the marriage.  Home Affairs will NOT register a marriage without the letter as well as ALL supporting documentation.  No exceptions can be made.  Since I operate in Ballito ALL interviews MUST be carried out at Durban Immigration office in Umgeni Road since I are required to collect the letter personally – they will not release it to you.  Please contact Immigration directly on 031 308 7907 / 7938 to secure an appointment for your interview.  Interviews are ONLY conducted on Wednesday’s.  There is no need for an interview to be conducted where BOTH prospective spouses are foreign nationals.

Marriage officer Civil Union Marriage officer Civil Union
Marriage officer Civil Union Marriage officer Civil Union Marriage officer Civil Union

South Africa was one of the first countries (2006) in the world to recognize  civil union marriages/ partnerships to accommodate same gender couples. There are only a limited number of designated marriage officers in South Africa who are qualified to solemnize such marriages/partnerships.  Fiona Briggs is designated as marriage officer to perform civil union marriages/ partnerships.